Weakening is a pathological condition
characterized by Weightloss loss in 15-20% of ideal weight and reducing body fat and muscle mass, decreases, and the amount of water in the body by 30%.
The most severe form is cachexia.
Loosening is caused either by

dietary restriction or the increase in energy consumption. Second, you can install due to a temporary or permanent inability to use food principles (gastrectomy, endocrine disease, alcoholism, mental illness).
There are two types of poor:
-Type bracing – physiological, constitutional vigor of the person retains
Asthenic-type – weakening itself.
1.Culegerea data
A. The circumstances of occurrence:
– Persons during excessive growth (children)
– Low dietary intake – poverty
– People with strenuous exercise without adequate nutrition intake
b manifestations of addiction (signs and symptoms)
– Weakness – weight loss – dry skin, edema – incurable wounds – bradycardia – hypotension
February. Addiction problems
-Exercise intolerance
-Circulatory disorders
Risk-lowering affectivity
-Increased risk from respiratory infections (TB)
-Risk of complications – ptosis visceral hernias
Three. Objectives
Patient to regain appetite, recover weight deficit
Patient to gain physical strength, well-being, physically and mentally
-To prevent infectious complications or other
– Adapted diet
April. Speeches
-Assistance provided refueling progressive oral or / and parenteral nutrition:
-Caloric value of food in the early days, is 1000 -1500 cal. / Day, gradually increasing to 50 cal. / Day
-Nutritional factors – intake of foods rich in protein, low in fats and concentrated sweets
-Number of tables is 5-6/zi at first consistent liquid food then normal consistency
-Parenteral routes, the given infusion of hypertonic solutions of glucose 1,000 ml / day and protein preparations, in these solutions is given of the B group vitamins and vitamin C
-To stimulate appetite, administered at doctor, low dose subcutaneous, insulin before meals (4 ux 3)
, Measured body weight daily and assessed according to the evolution of the growth rate
-Ensure personal hygiene
-Learn, outpatient, the patient and his family how to prepare food and how to make power
-Administer prescribed treatment – anabolic (Steranabol-im, Decanofort – im Madiol per os)
-Educates the patient to submit to regular, clinical and laboratory


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