bronchopulmonary cancer


Lung cancer is the most common forms of cancer and ranks as one death among both women and statistical bărbaţi.previziunile indicate that lung cancer will continue to be a major problem in this century due to smoking in general and exports of cigarettes to countries generally underdeveloped

1 . data collection
A. Circumstances of occurrence
Lung cancer etiology is not fully elucidated . Question shall be taken
– Predisposing factors :
 sex , race . The incidence is higher in men than in women, but there is a trend of rapid growth in women as in men it is registering a middle-aged black platou.Rasa has the highest incidence of lung cancer because of the socio -economic and smoking
 genetic susceptibility
– Contributing factors
 smoking : lung cancer in 10 patients 9 are smokers , 11 % of smokers get lung cancer . Common form of lung cancer in smokers is small cell lung carcinoma . Proved most harmful as cigarette smoke and least damaging the pipe.
 passive exposure to cigarette smoke . CREC Or detected levels of carcinogens in cigarette smoke in the blood of smokers pasivi.În family of a child fumotor passively exposed to cigarette smoke have a higher risk of lung cancer than the other parent smoker. The a child about 25 years exposed to cigarette smoke doubles risk of lung cancer compared to the risk of a nonsmoker unexposed
 Air pollution : seems to be a contributing factor considering the fact that fecventa lung cancer is higher in urban than rural
 Occupation – Chronic exposure to asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer 5 times regardless of the form of pathology . Exposure to ionizing radiation – from those working in uranium mines .
 COPD is itself a risk factor for lung cancer and this is not just a consequence of smoking
 Diet – epidemiological studies have shown an increased risk of lung cancer in individuals with poor dietary beta-carotene and vitamin A
dependence b.Manifestări
– Usually irritating cough , and sputum productive with abundant serous with salty bronchoalveolar carcinoma occurs in some
– Minor or moderate hemoptysis occurs when there ulcerative lesions of the bronchial mucosa
– Bronchial obstruction : cause shortness of breath , wheezing, stridor , atelectatic syndrome
– Hollow syndrome and / or pulmonary suppuration
– Phrenic nerve palsy , recurrent ,
– Extrinsic compression manifested by dysphagia or oesophageal fistula bronhoesofagiană
– Superior vena cava syndrome
– Pleural reaction syndrome Pancoast Tobias
– Generalized seizures Jacksonian crise , hemiparesis or hemiplegia
– Bone pain
– Manifestations of bodies covered by cell proliferation
– Chest X-ray – reveals opacity round , oval contour polycyclic
– CT , MRI
– Ex histopathology : lung biopsy
– fibrobronchoscopy
2 . patient problems
– Impaired lung exchanges
– Fatigue, asthenia
– Coughing wrenching
– Hemoptysis , pain
– Exercise intolerance
– Infectious complications
3 . Objectives
– Reduction of dyspnea
– Administration of medication : antibiotic, hemostatic , analgesic ,
– Oxygenotherapy
– Providing physical and psychological comfort
– Prepare patient for investigations possibly surgery
– Prevention of infectious complications , side effects after chemotherapy , radiotherapy
– Hydration
– Patient Education
4 . Speeches
– Preparing the patient for collection of blood tests for fibrobronchoscopy , CT,
– Administration of medication : hemostatic ( Etamsilat , edrenostazin , vitamin K , Sandostatin ) ‘s calming cough (codeine , tusin forte) , analgesics ( algocalmin , piafen , tramadol, fortral , SINTALGON , Mialgin , codeine + paracetamol to 6 h) , reducing breathlessness ( parenteral or aerosol bronchodilators , oxygen ) ;
– Prevention of infections , side effects after chemotherapy , radiotherapy through proper hydration , administration of antiemetics , balanced diet
– Administration of oxygen
– Education in regard to smoking cessation ,
– Dispensary : patients who were diagnosed with lung cancer are tracked through a network of oncology, and return the control to 1,3,6 months: it has been operated is envisaged any local recurrence or metastasis them away
– Paceintului psychological support to overcome the critical moment and playing his family


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