Biological products may directly affect the diagnosis, treatment and cure of the patient. Nurse is directly responsible for prompt and accurate collection of these samples . In some cases, even if medical assistant is the harvesting , must check sample , prepare the patient , assist physician to help him make that harvests and provide specific care to the patient after harvest. There are certain tests that the patient should be instructed to and you can do yourself ( glycemic glucotest ) .

Patient preparation : 

A good understanding and information about the test and the patient must carry out its purpose will help us prepare the patient properly. Explaining patient medical procedure clearly we gain the trust and cooperation. For example , before a difficult and painful harvesting (such as bone marrow puncture ) must inform the patient about the type and degree of discomfort you probably will feel . Also be informed of the procedure, its effects and how long they will be ready results . Knowing exactly what to expect, the patient will be much easier to cooperate and support the maneuver itself. If your doctor is the one who makes harvesting , nurses will supervise its patient both during and after in order to provide specific care in any situation. Some tests require detailed instructions to ensure the full cooperation of the patient and the correct sampling , the more since some require certain conditions to harvest and lifestyle changes before harvesting ( a special diet , a fair sampling by the patient himself , etc. ) .

Patient consent :
It is a patient’s right to be given all the information to understand exactly what will make the medical procedure itself , the risks and implications maneuver before signing the consent and agrees to perform the procedure . To explain the procedure , how it will be done and the potential risks is primarily the responsibility of the physician . Assistance will resume medical reasons , ensure that the patient understood them well and check if the patient has signed consent .

Protective measures:
Protective measures should be taken for both nurse and patient . After harvesting , the product must be labeled and transported in optimal conditions , so as not to affect the outcome


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