Fast, easy harvesting , using a drop of capillary blood from the finger , earlobe or heel (infants ) , glucose test is a common method for monitoring blood glucose levels in diabetic patients , screening for diabetes mellitus , screening neonatal hypoglycemia , or differential diagnosis between diabetic and non-diabetic coma . The sample can be taken to the hospital and the patient’s home .

Materials needed:
1. gloves
2. portable meter
3. fortified forest
4. gauze compresses
5. adhesive bandage

Prepare equipment: :
will check his meter and all accessories (needles , supplies , tape reader , battery , etc. )

 confirm the identity of the patient ( to avoid confusion and to never take another patient analyzes ) .
 be communicated to the patient what will be done , I will explain the procedure to reduce anxiety and ensure the cooperation.
 select the puncture site ( finger or earlobe adult heels for newborn )
 Wash hands thoroughly and put gloves
 if necessary , to dilate the capillaries , can be applied to moderate heat , moist for 10 minutes
 delete chosen puncture site with alcohol and then dried with a gauze
 prepares meter ( be calibrated and open ) and then puncture site in one go short and fast
 after puncture should be avoided to make compression or to “squeeze ” the place to avoid mixing with other tissue fluid capillary blood .
 allow blood dripping ready to tape meter , ensuring that it is sufficient to read the result
 after harvest to maintain compression on the puncture site until the bleeding stops
 after stop bleeding apply an adhesive bandage .
 note the result , date and time.

Special considerations :
 Avoid harvesting from places edematiate , cyanotic . If you can not get blood capillary will puncture a vein by syringe and the syringe will tape a large drop of blood meter
 if the patient will have to use their harvest home meter and one must learn to do it correctly , the most appropriate is to be given a written guide for the use of the meter . Also , you should know that abnormal blood glucose readings you will need to come to hospital.


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