Normally no bacteria can infect the blood line and transfusion infected shunts , cardiac postprotezarilor bacterial endocarditis . In addition , the bacteria may invade the lymphatic vascular system through the thoracic duct , from the development of localized infections in various tissues .

Blood culture is indicated to detect invasion ( bacteremia ) and systemic spread ( septicemia ) by blood . In these cases the blood is collected by venipuncture at the bedside and then the blood is transferred into two containers : one containing anaerobic and aerobic environment containing one . Containers are kept in incubator allowing all organisms present in the blood to rise in their environment. Blood culture allows the identification of about 67 % of the pathogens in the first 24 hours and 90% within 72 hours.
Opinions on hemoculturii are divided at harvest . Some believe that during harvest is questionable and irrelevant. Others point to a collection of three samples within one hour . The first one should be obtained first symptoms by which bacterimie or septicemia is suspected . When it is suspected endocarditis due to the bacterial infection will be collected every 3 or 4 samples each from 5 to 30 minutes prior to start of antibiotic .

Materials needed:


  • tourniquet
  • gloves
  • forests with alcohol and iodine-based disinfectant
  • syringe of 10 ml , 2-5 ml for adults and for children
  • 3 or 4 needles
  • containers aerobic and anaerobic culture media
  • Laboratory analysis request form
  • transport containers analyzes
  • compresses
  • adhesive bandage
  • labels

Prepare :
will check the expiration date of culture media containers .

 confirm the identity of the patient ( to avoid confusion and to never take another patient analyzes ) .
 be communicated to the patient what will be done , I will explain the procedure to reduce anxiety and ensure the cooperation. I will explain to the patient that will be required three blood samples at different time intervals .
 Wash hands thoroughly and put gloves
 install tourniquet proximal to the area chosen for the puncture
 chosen area disinfected with alcohol pads to spot it stays clean . Clean the area is from the inside out to prevent contamination of existing flora puncture area surrounding skin.
 not combined with the use of alcohol in the forest iodine as alcohol neutralize the effect of iodine-based disinfectants .
 after disinfecting the area is expected to dry before puncture
 10 ml blood is collected in a syringe adult and 2 to 6 ml for children
 disinfected with iodine-based forest rubber stopper of the container with culture medium
 change the needle from the syringe with blood was collected
 5 ml of blood is introduced into the container with the culture medium 2 ml for adults and children
 blood cultures labeled container with patient data , date and time of collection , name of the doctor who indicated , the patient’s temperature at harvest , antibioterăii specify any recent diagnostic suspicion .
 to download syringe , gloves and needles in specific receptacles separate
 transported immediately to the laboratory sample
 puncture site is recheck to see if there was hematoma . In the case in which the hematoma is to release the energy of at least 5 minutes , after which the hot compresses .


Special considerations :
 each sample will be taken at specified time intervals and from different places
 will avoid being harvested by hand on catheters or venous recently caught in unless it is suspected that the product catheter sepsis .
 main complication of maneuver can be hematoma



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