Collection of urine :
The collection of urine samples can be done in different ways depending on the purpose . Urine sample can be collected as part of a complete physical examination , urine sample in a sterile non-invasive technique , or urine sample . Sampling with catheterization is contraindicated in patients immediately after genitourinary surgery .


Materials needed:

  • For non-sterile urine sample :
  • urinary flask if necessary
  • gloves
  • graduated beaker
  • labels
  • Laboratory analysis request form
  • container for transport to the laboratory analyzes

Sterile sample noninvasive method :

  •  basin
  • soap and water
  • towel
  • gloves
  • graduated beaker
  • Three sterile compresses
  • antiseptic solution
  • sterile container with lid
  • labels
  • bedpan and urine if necessary
  • Laboratory analysis request form
  • container for transport to the laboratory analysis

Sterile sample with catheterization :

  • gloves
  • antiseptic pads
  • 10 ml syringe
  • 21G or 22G needle
  • pinching tube clamp
  • sterile container with lid
  • labels
  • Laboratory analysis request form
  • container for transport to the laboratory analysis

patient will explain that you need to collect a urine sample to the lab and what the harvest technique .

Non-sterile urine sample collection :
 ensure privacy
 i will explain bedridden patient that you have to urinate in a bedpan / urinary man who is restrained i will explain that you have to go to the toilet to urinate
 put gloves
 the bedpan or urine put at least 120 ml urine container harvesting and screw the cap , if the patient must be monitored diuresis , urine remaining will be measured using a graduated beaker
 if you accidentally lose urine on the outside walls of the container wash and dry
 container labeled with patient name, date and time of harvest and will be sent immediately to the laboratory accompanied by the form of the analysis
 delay in sending the sample to the laboratory can alter the final results of the sample
 wash flasks / urinary graduated beaker is removed from the patient’s bedside
 patients who are immobilized and will be going to the toilet or bedpan urinary urine then it will do the same as above

Collecting urine samples sterile non-invasive method :
 since the purpose of taking a sample is contaminated , it will explain the patient carefully harvesting technique
 will tell the patient to go to the toilet and to completely undress lower body then wash their hands
 if man will stand in front of the toilet seat to pee , and if a woman shall sit as far back on the toilet and legs as loose
 patient / patient shall wash with water and soap genital and urinary meatus then deletes 3 ​​times with compresses soaked in antiseptic
 shown women to separate labile with one hand and with the other to wipe with sterile gauze soaked in antiseptic solution from front to back , repeating the gesture three times , each time with different compression , with the third compress will clear around the urethral meatus
 indicate good men to retract to disinfect well glans and urinary meatus retracted over the glans maintain urination and sample collection
 indicate women adopting the position with feet apart and keep as loose labia during urination and sample collection
 after washing and disinfecting patient / patient may start to urinate , then , without stopping micţionarea is the sample container , place it in the right urinary flow and harvested about 30-50 ml , then moving away from the path of the urine stream
 put gloves
 remove the container from the patient and signifies the cover , it will avoid to touch the inner edges of the container or inside cover
 if accidental urine seeped on the exterior walls of the container wash and dry
 patient is suggested to wash their hands
 will label the container with patient name, test performed , the type of sample
 if requested urine culture should be noted if the patient is under antibiotic and the antibiotic is given
 application form attached to the container and sample analysis will be sent to the laboratory immediately
 bedridden patients harvesting technique is the same, but it will use the bedpan / urine to urine in bed

Sampling of urine from patients with bladder probe :
Clamping  tube is attached to the probe 30 minutes before the urine sample collection
 put gloves ;
 if the collection tube attached to the probe is equipped with a hole perpendicular to , the pads should be disinfected with alcohol and then will draw the urine with a 20 ml syringe to be empty in the sterile container
 If there is that hole and rubber catheter will have samples of the catheter , should be disinfected with antiseptic pads a small area above the tube insertion site drainage will then prick with a needle and syringe to aspirate , avoid puncturing the catheter exactly at the end of drainage tube insertion because it can perforate retaining balloon catheter , the syringe is emptied into sterile container
 if the catheter is not in ladles and a drain hole has an aspecific for harvesting should be disinfected catheter which is inserted at the end of the drainage tube , and then disconnects to allow urine to flow into the container sterile will avoid touching the catheter inside the container or its edges to avoid contamination
 after harvest forests are cleared again antiseptic connection of probe heads and bladder drainage tube and attach the seat
 container shall be labeled and sent to the laboratory immediately specifying , where appropriate , antibiotic treatment that it follows the patient

Special considerations :
 Make sure you declampat CS trap urine sample after harvest , otherwise complications may occur as distended bladder or urinary infections .


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