DETECTION occult bleeding

Tests for occult bleeding are used to discover hidden bleeding ( gastrointestinal ) to differentiate between melena melena and seat layout . Certain medications such as iron , bismuth , and could seat can darken the diagnosis wrong melena .
Also, these tests are very important for early detection of colorectal cancer , as 80 % of patients with these diseases the occult bleeding . On the other hand , a single positive test does not necessarily indicate gastrointestinal bleeding or colorectal cancer . To be considered positive , the test should be repeated at least 3 times in a certain period , during which the patient will follow a specific diet recommended in detecting occult bleeding . However, a positive test in these circumstances is not necessarily indicative of colon cancer but can also be caused by gastrointestinal bleeding gastric ulcer , diverticulosis , etc. .Are used as screening tests (eg , in the UK, after a certain age , repeat every 2 years for early detection of colorectal cancers ) .

The tests are easy to perform , consisting in the addition of certain substances ( or a paper impregnated with such material ) over the stool sample , appeared almost immediately a specific color in the case where the blood lost through the stool is more than 5 ml per day .
These analyzes are important because occult bleeding are in very small quantities , indepistabile human eye, but repeats can lead to severe anemia .

 Materials needed:

  • gloves
  • collecting glass jar
  • tongue depressor or any other specific instrument collection that you have lab
  • specific substance or substances soaked paper ( the test kit )

 confirming patient identity
 put gloves and harvested according to the sampling procedure of seat
 will go immediately to the laboratory sample or if we harvest kit will observe the prospectus of Use
 Wash hands well and groom themselves if the patient is immobilized
 announcing the doctor for any occurrence of blue or green coloring on the paper test

Special considerations :
 ensure that the sample collected is not contaminated with urine solution, soap , toilet paper ( it contains bismuth and affect the outcome ) then use test kit as described
 test is done in different portions of the seat as occult bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract is not present in all seat format , and that of colorectal cancer can usually only occur in the first portion of the seat
 will check the expiry date of the test kit
 patient will be instructed to follow a diet rich in fiber, no meat, no fish, no turnips , kale , etc. For all these things can give false positive reactions . Diet should be kept between 48-72 hours before the test
 Also, with 48-72 hours before testing , discontinue medication that can affect the outcome (iron , potassium indomethacin , steroids )
 if the patient is alone at home testing, will be carefully instructed regarding the procedure
 one of the newest and easy tests for occult bleeding test is called ” coloring ” . It is indicated for patients who make their own tests do not require collection of stool samples and is very easy to test and interpret. Thus , the patient should follow a specific diet with 48-72 hours prior to testing. The patient is taught to remove any disinfectant toilet and draw water 2 times after removal of toilet disinfectant . After defecation , is instructed not to throw toilet paper into the toilet bowl until the reading test because of its bismuth content can affect the outcome. In the 5 minutes immediately after defecation , will undo kit tester test and throw the toilet , which will float on the water surface of the toilet . The patient will read the result after 15-30 seconds . If the seat is occult bleeding , the tester will turn blue or green. The patient will have to repeat testing three different chairs , to write down the results and submit them to the doctor.


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