Harvesting of stool samples can detect eggs and parasites , blood , bile, fat , pathogens or other substances.
Analyzing seat as features (color , texture , odor) can detect a possible gastrointestinal bleeding .
Sampling of the chair is either for a specified period of time (such as 72 hours ) and without the specification related to a specific time . Because stool samples can not be obtained “on demand ” a fair collection includes patient learning need to ensure the correctness of the harvest maneuvers without distorting the laboratory test result


Materials needed:

  • collection container with lid
  • gloves
  • Two wooden tongue depressors (or other specific instruments offers laboratory re-quotes )
  • paper towel or paper bag
  • bedpan
  • Patient reminder labels
  • Laboratory analysis request form

 will explain the procedure to the patient to ensure cooperation and fairness to maneuver harvest

A) a single sample collection without time specification
 patient (if admitted ) is asked to announce the sensation of imminent defecation
 patient is instructed to take a seat canteen . Same patient who harvest home alone . If patients will not use the toilet and canteen , the seat will be mixed with toilet water interfering with test results. Also , the seat must not be mixed with urine pH because it can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the stool .
 put gloves, and using a tongue depressor will yield the most representative sample of stool .
 be placed in the container and the lid closes .
 seat if the patient removes with blood, mucus, pus , they must be included in the sample collected .
 wraps oppressors language used in paper and discard the waste contaminated with gloves
 wash hands well

B ) Sampling of stool over a period of time
 labels are placed to the toilet or bedside be reminded that the test
 will do the same as above, with the specification that after each sample collection is best for them to be sent immediately to the laboratory
 obtained by enema if the seat should be used for this just plain water or normal saline solution
 ensure that the patient can better toilet after the procedure, otherwise it must be helped to properly toilet

Special considerations :
 will not ever put stool samples in a refrigerator containing other drugs or food
 doctor is announced whenever the stool is unusual
 harvest home alone if the patient will be instructed in performing the collection and storage of the sample.



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