Secreting membrane lining the bronchioles , bronchi and trachea , sputum helps protect against respiratory infections. When removed from the respiratory tract , sputum containing saliva, nasal and sinus secretions , dead cells and normal oral bacteria from the respiratory tract . Sputum samples are collected to detect potential existing microbes .
The most used is the expectoration of sputum collection , which sometimes may require prior nebulization , hydration , postural drainage . One method used is less tracheal suctioning and , very rarely , bronchoscopy .
Tracheal aspiration is contraindicated immediately after meals in patients with esophageal varices , laryngospasm . It should also be carried out with care to patients with heart problems, as it may aggravate arrhythmias .

Harvesting by expectoration
Materials needed:

  • sterile container with tight lid
  • gloves
  • Laboratory analysis request form
  • aerosol
  • face mask
  • tray / bag for vomiting

 patient is seated in a chair or on the bed in a seated position . If not , lift the bed slightly elevated position with your knees semişezândă ( Fowler ‘s position )
 patient is asked to rinse your mouth with plain water with no mouthwash or toothpaste) to reduce the risk of contamination of sputum samples with oral microbial flora . I then asked to cough and cough in sterile container
 put gloves
 attached container lid tightly and clean its outside if
 waste discard contaminated gloves
 container labeled with the patient’s name , doctor , date and time of harvest , the alleged diagnosis if the patient is febrile or under antibiotic
 sample is sent to the lab

Special considerations :
 will suggest the patient to cough deeply to avoid spit saliva instead of sputum
 to stimulate the secretion of sputum may be postural drainage before harvest
 sputum expectoration is contaminated by normal flora of the mouth that tracheal aspiration may provide a more accurate analysis of sputum , but it is an invasive maneuver which is used only in patients who can not expectorate .


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