Pap test

Pap smear test (also called Pap Romanian by the name Dr. Aurel Babes, which recommended early detection of cancer through the female genital smear citovaginal ) is an analysis ings obtained by harvesting the cells from the cervix and then dropping them on a slide glass . Although the analysis of cells from the cervix is the most commonly used , the Pap test allows cytological evaluation of vaginal and endocervical cell pole .

Materials needed:

  • vaginal speculum bivalvular
  • gloves
  • Pap stick
  • applicator rod and cotton bed
  • 3 for reading microscopic glass slides
  • Catchers
  • adjustable lamp
  • field
  • Laboratory analysis request form

 confirmation of patient identity
 patient procedure explained
 wash hands
 patient explains the importance of perineal muscle relaxation to facilitate the examination and collection
 patient is asked to urinate before performing harvesting
 ensure patient privacy and asked to undress from the waist down
 is covered with a disposable gown and helped to sit on gynecological table
 maximum brightness lamp fits in the genital area
 robe is removed from the genital area
 offering medical gloves and vaginal speculum . Do not use lubrefinate for it to not interfere with test results. One can speculate squirt warm water to ease insertion .
 patient is announced when the speculum is inserted to prevent twitching and muscle tension
 suggested the patient to relax and breathe deeply while entering speculum .
 post this species is extended to expose the cervix and then blocked to start harvesting
 offering the doctor of all applicators and brushes needed harvesting cells in different areas . After each harvest , it will take applicators and will rotate gently on one glass slide over to be put immediately to prevent drying fixative cell
 microscope slides are marked differently according to the areas where the cells were harvested . On a full test , the doctor will remove cells from the cervical , endocervical and vaginal pole .
 unlocks after harvest speculated to be removed avoiding damage vaginal walls
 patient is helped to get off the examination table
 laboratory forms completed patient data , including date of last menstrual period and then sent the samples to the laboratory

Special considerations :
 before the test , the patient will be instructed not to do vaginal lavage 48 hours before and do not use vaginal ovules
 harvesting can take place before the period of 5-6 days or a week after


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