Drug administration by the parenteral


Combined administration of medication into a syringe :
Combining two drugs in a syringe needles relieve patient two . Drugs can be combined in a syringe in several ways. Or two vials , or in an ampoule and a vial or two- vial . There are also medications drawn about dosage and sterile syringes (such as anticoagulants , for example).
These combinations are contraindicated if the drugs are incompatible or because they precipitate or because they cancel each other’s effects or the combined amount is too large to be absorbed by a single injection.
The type of syringe and needle used will depend on the prescribed medication , the physical constitution of the patient , the route of administration .


Materials needed:


  • prescribed medication
  • fortified forest
  • syringe and needles


 prescribed medication is checked and compared with the high of the pharmacy
 check expiry date
 wash hands
 distribute the amount to be administered


Special considerations :
 disinfected with fortified pad cap vials before use ( to be pierced with a needle )
 end ampoules disinfected before they break
 when using vials of a drug can be filtered to remove any pieces other action , if appropriate
 if you combine two drugs in multidose vials of medicine will be changed needle that pulls the substance of the two vials to avoid introducing a bottle of the substance in the other bottle drops remaining on needle
 will not ever combine drugs which assistance is not sure that they are compatible
 not be combined never more than two drugs
Although many drugs incompatible  visible precipitate some changes only the properties without seeing something visible (change the chemical structure and properties )
 many drugs are effective and consistent only when administered immediately after being preprate . So after about 10 minutes under the influence of light , heat and other external factors can change their properties , color and become incompatible
 will be given special care drug administration are presented in multidose vials (eg insulin) . If we administered system with immediate effect insulin and insulin retardation effect will first shoot insulin with immediate effect and then the retardation effect . So if you get a few drops of insulin with immediate effect in the insulin vial mutidozat retardation effect , which does not change the properties, if the opposite happens , however , can be affected properties
 postdose not recapează needle to avoid puncturing



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