Taking medications orally, sublingually AND TRANSLINGUALĂ

Certain drugs are administered buccal or sublingual translingual to avoid turning or damage to the stomach or small intestine. These drugs administered by these routes , act quickly because the oral mucosa is richly vascularized and allows the passage of drugs directly into the systemic circulation .
Orally administered drugs include nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate is administered metiltestosteronul.Sublingual , nitroglycerin , ergotamine . Translingual ( the language ) is given based sprays nitrate drug for patients with chronic angina .

Materials needed:

  • prescribed medication
  • container for drugs

 prescribed medication is checked and compared with the high of the pharmacy
 wash hands
 patient explain the mode of administration
 confirming patient identity
 check the expiry date of medicines

  • Drug administration and sublingual orally :

 when administered orally , the drug is placed between the cheek and gum
 for sublingual administration , the drug is placed under the patient’s tongue
 to instruct the patient to put into place until the tablet is dissolved completely in order to be fully absorbed
 not be touched with the tip of your tongue or chew the tablet to avoid being swallowed
 patient should not smoke until it has completely dissolved drug as nicotine has vasoconstrictive effects that slow absorption

Administration translinguală :
 patient should be taught to keep the sprayer vertically outlet as close to the mouth
 will be instructed to spray the medicine only on the tongue, with a firm push button bottle
 should remind patients that they should not inhale spray but spray it on your tongue and wait 10 seconds before swallowing Admin

Special considerations :
 liquid will not give the patient after administering medication by mouth , as some require almost an hour to be absorbed completely. Also , you do not to rinse your mouth until complete absorption of the drug
 some patients frequently take sublingual nitroglycerin may feel tingling at Admin . You can alternate the site of administration not to cause irritation .

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