ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICINES through intradermal injection

English: syringe ready for inject...

Intradermal injections are used in particular for local effects , as tuberculin test allergens . It is used in very small quantities ( 0.5 ml or less ) .
The underside of the forearm is the most appropriate management because it is easily accessible , visible and usually hairless . Very rarely is also used on the back, interscapular .

Materials needed:

  • physician prescribed medication compared to the high of the pharmacy
  • gloves
  • fortified forest
  • syringe and needle

Prepare :

  • check the expiry date of the medication
  • Wash hands and
  • is choose the area of injection
  • check medication should not be troubled or not show other abnormalities
  • Prepare substance unless it comes already prepared by the pharmacy ( for example, allergy tests should be appropriate dilution on the doctor , the patient’s susceptibility to test the medicinal product )

 confirming patient identity
 be chosen for the injection to patients
 indicate the patient to sit and to support the forearm , with the ventral side exposed
 put gloves
 got a clean pad fortified place and checked to have no hair , sores , swelling , bruising
 alcohol is allowed to dry on the skin prior to injection
 patient’s forearm is grabbed with one hand and stretching the skin on it
 the other hand , take the syringe with attached needle is moving at an angle of 10-15 degrees to the forearm
 needle is inserted just under the skin and slowly inject
 will feel a slight resistance management and a small lump appears . If this does not occur , the needle is inserted too deeply , will retire and will resume at first technique
 will retire after the injection needle at the same angle as it was inserted. Do not massage the injection site because it can irritate the tissues and can affect the test result
 injection site is circle with a marker to know , then , how much change the sign to be read edges
 patient is advised not to wash the area until the test will not be read
 test is read after 24 and 48 hours , depending on the substance injected
 discarded materials used in containers collecting specific

Special considerations :
 hiperalegenici patients require attention as anaphylactic shock can make the administration of antigens
 not recapează needle to avoid puncturing


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