Drug administration by subcutaneous injection

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When medication administration is subcutaneous tissue , substances get much faster blood circulation unless administer orally. In addition, subcutaneous injection produces far less damage to the intramuscular and low risk .
Absorbed by capillary circulation , drugs recommended to administer subcutaneously are aqueous solutions or suspensions of approximately 0.5 – 3 ml . Heparin and insulin , for example , be administered substances , particularly in this way . Drugs administered in this way with a needle are short and thin. The most common subcutaneous injection sites are exerioară the arms, the outer thighs, lower abdomen fat , upper thigh , upper back , upper buttocks . Subcutaneous injections are contraindicated in inflamed areas , edematiate that lesions .They can also be contraindicated for people with disorders of coagulation . When treatment is administered subcutaneously long time , such as insulin administration sites will be selected by rotation .Heparin is administered , preferably in the lower abdominal fat and insulin , in the upper part of the arms and belly .

Materials needed:

  • medication prescribed by the doctor and compared with the high of Pharmacy
  • gloves
  • syringe
  • needle
  • fortified forest
  • compresses

Prepare :

  •      check medication and dose prescribed
  •      test the patient is not allergic to the substance , in particular before the first dose
  •       wash hands
  •      Inspect the medication does not have a cloudy or abnormally (except those who have a particular issue , such as a type of insulin that looks cloudy)
  •       is selected injection site
  •      again check the medication
  •     if medication vial is disinfected it , and pull open the indicated dose , removing air from the syringe . Then change the needle with one suitable for subcutaneous injection
  •    If the product is in the form of powder in a vial , disinfecting the rubber , reconstitute the liquid is drawn dose indicated remove air and change the needle for subcutaneous injection
  •     technique of extracting the substance from a bottle is: disinfecting bottle cap insert the needle , the syringe is filled with air by pulling the plunger to the dose equivalent amount to be withdrawn from the vial , then attach the needle from the vial and insert air, invert the vial and syringe will fill only the required quantity .

 confirming patient identity
 patient explains the procedure to ensure its full cooperation and to reduce anxiety
 ensure privacy
 select an injection site ( taking into account that should be rotated )
 put gloves
 delete a location chosen for injection pad fortified area chosen from the center outward circular motion
 alcohol is allowed to dry on the skin to prevent the introduction of alcohol during the injection under the skin which cause a sensation of burning the patient
 remove the needle cover from the syringe
 skin folds with one hand in the chosen area , with a firm , forming a fold of fat
 be warned that the patient will feel a prick
 will insert the needle quickly , by a single movement, at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees
 skin fold is issued to introduce no substance in the tissue under compression and do not irritate the nerve fibers
 aspirate to see if we are in a blood vessel
 If blood appears in the syringe and suction will throw technique will resume
 there are sucked in making heparin and insulin injections ( it is not necessary to insulin and heparin may produce hematoma)
 injected substance , lifting the needle gently but quickly , in a single movement, in the same angle as it was inserted
 cover the injection site with a gauze pad or fortified gentle massaging , circular to facilitate absorption of the drug ( will not be rubbing when adminstrează insulin or heparin)
 remove compress and check the place to detect any bleeding or bruising

Special considerations :
 for boilers instead of heparin is indicated in the lower abdomen, below the navel
 will always have to be alternate injection sites to prevent complications ( lipodystrophy , for example , the body’s natural immune response occurring in the case of repeated injection at the same site )
 after injection of heparin remains the syringe 10 seconds before removing . Avoid massaging the injection site .
 if there is bruising at the injection of heparin may apply ice for the first 5 minutes after injection and then do compression
 not recapează needle to avoid puncturing
 materials used are cast in suitable containers


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