Drug administration by intravenous DIRECT


Direct intravenous injection allows a fast and immediate effect . It is used in emergencies ( bolus ) or in cases where there may be intramuscular administration . The patient should be monitored because the effects are rapid and immediate .

Materials needed:

  • prescribed medication
  • gloves
  • syringe and needle
  • dissolved serum
  • tourniquet
  • Woodland alcohol and betadine or iodine
  • sterile compresses
  • adhesive bandage
  • Normal saline solution and diluted heparin

Prepare :

  • check medication prescribed
  • check expiry date
  • draw the solution into the syringe and dilute if necessary

 confirming patient identity
 select an accessible vein large enough ( as the vein is wider and more diluted the solution is less irritating )
 apply a tourniquet above the injection site for relaxation and highlighting veins
 disinfect the venipuncture site with betadine or iodine pad , using a circular motion outward from the injection site to avoid contamination of the injection site
 expects to dry disinfectant and vein puncture needle at an angle of 30 degrees with Ambo up
 aspirate the syringe to see if it is plugged into a vein ( blood appears )
 remove the tourniquet and slowly inject the substance
 the completion of the injection was aspirated again to see if the needle was always in vein and that all medication has been properly inserted. After checking changes with one empty syringe with normal saline solution to flush the vein
 remove the needle from the vein through a fast moving and pressed puncture site with sterile gauze for 3 minutes
 apply an adhesive bandage

Special considerations :
 because drugs administered by direct intravenous injection immediate effect in patients allergic anaphylactic shock may occur . In this situation ( when the patient is dyspneic , cyanotic , etc. ) should be called immediately and begin CPR if necessary
 if signs of extravasation pauses and resumes injection technique given the substance lost by extravasation


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