Gluten intolerance

Or celiac disease is characterized by malabsorption on a fraction of gluten intolerance, gliadin and histological intestinal mucosal villi are stunted. Regime, in this case, is gluten free, which will lead to improvement of their clinical and histological.
Gluten is composed of a set of proteins, appearing between flour protein constituents of certain cereals (wheat, oats, barley). It is assumed that the effective charge is the gliadin, which is a alcoolo-soluble fraction of gluten.
The mode of action is unknown: it is assumed that a mechanism occurs imunoalergic, evolving on a background of immunoreactivity particularly related to genetic factors.
Symptoms of the disease are numerous and there may be associated or not.
These are:
• diarrhea fat (steatorrhea);
• asthenia, fatigue, character disorders;
• weight loss;
• loss of appetite;
• abdominal pain or bloating;
• nausea, vomiting;
• bone;
• swelling;
• skin pigmentation;
• glossitis (inflammation of tongue) and oral thrush;
• hemorrhagic syndrome;
• anemia.

Treatment = regime
Clinical problems get better quickly (weeks or months) with a gluten-free diet to be held for life.
Today, the only treatment for gluten intolerance is gluten, but it is difficult to avoid all traces of barley, oats, wheat in food grain that traces are hiding in many foods, from beer to pastries and sausage.
This regime is very hard to kept for as involve most of times modification of some dietary habits very well anchored. You simply cooking with natural foods (uncooked industrial) and to avoid forbidden foods. Flour for example, is used in the preparation of bread and pastries, and in some sauces.

Prohibited foods and foods allowed
Generally not permitted bread, pastries and meals.
• Dairy no problem except cheese spreads and certain types of cream.
• Fruit Yogurts be avoided.
• Sausages are prohibited, except ham.
• Fruit can be consumed without problems
• Meat and fresh fish are allowed, but no flour or cooked with different sauces that use flour.
• All vegetables can be eaten fresh, but canned vegetables may contain flour.
• Many sweets contain gluten and can be consumed only those containing only sugar.
If the principle of the scheme is simple – gluten-free products is not easy to be put into practice. It is known that in Europe cereals basis excluding food and bread, pastries, meal and sweets is not easy especially in this community and school canteens.
There are products commercially that do not contain gluten and which stated that (wheat gluten, rice gluten), but their cost can be difficult to bear. On the other hand, flour can be replaced with corn flour. Often it is necessary to start to be excluded from the diet regime and lactose, as indeed intestinal villi damage (atrophy) is due on the one hand and activity of lactase, an enzyme essential for the digestion of lactose and is found localized to the superficial mucosa.
Theoretically, during this regime is for life and this can be very difficult tolerated by the patient.

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