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Peripheral venous catheter Drug administration



Administration of intravenous therapy using a cannula , relieves the patient of multiple punctures, helps maintain a continuous intravenous line , continuous infusion , bolus administration , etc. .
After each injection was washed with dilute heparin solution or normal saline to prevent clotting . If the diluted solution was washed with heparin , to the heparin treatment , before each administration of the other drug solution is washed first with normal saline , heparin in the event that it is compatible with the medication to be administered . Read the rest of this entry »



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Drug administration by intravenous DIRECT


Direct intravenous injection allows a fast and immediate effect . It is used in emergencies ( bolus ) or in cases where there may be intramuscular administration . The patient should be monitored because the effects are rapid and immediate . Read the rest of this entry »

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Drug administration by the parenteral


Combined administration of medication into a syringe :
Combining two drugs in a syringe needles relieve patient two . Drugs can be combined in a syringe in several ways. Or two vials , or in an ampoule and a vial or two- vial . There are also medications drawn about dosage and sterile syringes (such as anticoagulants , for example). Read the rest of this entry »

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