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Pulmonary Tuberculosis


Specific infectious disease with high prevalence , which is produced by bacteria belonging to the genus Mycobacterium .
In humans the etiologic agent is Mycobacterium tuberculosis – the Koch bacillus .
In producing a secondary tuberculosis in humans can have that cause tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis in cattle.

Koch bacillus :
– Aerobic bacillus with alcoolo – acid- resistant
– Cultivated on special media in approx. 3-4 wks ( Lowenstein -Jensen )
– The structure containing a specific protein which can be determined due to its presence in the body – tuberculin
– Purified form (PPD ) tuberculin intradermal injection cause a hypersensitivity reaction

Epidemiology :
New case – a person requiring treatment sick with tuberculosis and who never received anti-tuberculosis . will be recorded and statistically said . Do not include those who did chemoprophylaxis for contact with a person with TB. Read the rest of this entry »


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